Migration, Health and Ethics – Challenges for Europe and the World

A large number of refugees have arrived in Turkey and in Western Europe, notably in Germany. Although many refugees started off in good health, hardships and insecurity make health issues an immediate and important concern not only for the refugees themselves, but also for the societies where the refugee populations arrive. The Bremen conference aims to explore the current challenges for health sciences and the health care sector associated with this new development, and to provide a space for reflection on existing and historical health science knowledge that may be useful for an understanding of today´s challenges, and for action. This current theme is embedded in the broader conference topics of ‘migration and health’ and ‘culture and ethics’ and explicitly welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives such as from medical anthropology and ethnology. 

Turkey and Germany have long been linked by a substantial joint migration history, as they had been earlier through medical scientific exchanges and common clinical practice. Three earlier conferences under the theme of “Health, Culture and the Human Body” (Mainz 2010, Istanbul 2012, 2014) provided a dynamic platform for an international interdisciplinary discourse on medical interventions, organ transplantation as well as on palliative care and on the topic of migration and health. The “trademark” of these congresses was the joint deliberation on ethical, historical and epidemiological perspectives. 
The conference organizers invite abstract submission focused on, but not limited to the topics:

  • Current status of refugee health in European countries including Turkey
  • Ethical challenges in health care provisions for newly arriving migrants
  • Seriously ill migrants and refugees – ethical and practical aspects
  • “Giving a voice to refugees” – health topics from the perspective of those concerned
  • Theoretical concepts and research approaches to refugee and migrant health
  • Learning from history- flight, migration, expulsion and the health sciences in Turkey and Germany
  • Travel Medicine – Historical, ethical and epidemiological aspects
  • Migration and Health – the broader context
  • Culture and Medical Ethics / Bioethics

Abstracts (max. 250 words) of proposed conference papers should be submitted by 25 March 2016, to the
attention of Mrs Edda Hein, E-Mail: hein@bips.uni-bremen.de. Tel: +49 421 21856900 Fax: +49 421 21856941

Venue: Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen. www.hausderwissenschaft.de

Hajo Zeeb, MD, MSc, PhD (Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany)
(Mrs) Prof Dr. phil. Michi Knecht (Dep. of Anthropology and Cultural Research, University of Bremen, Germany)
Tilman Brand, Dr. Sc. (Leibniz -Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany)
İlhan İlkılıç MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Hakan Ertin MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Rainer Brömer PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)